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About DgDiary

DgDiary is an efficient digital platform which enables educational institutions to connect with parents through a unidirectional communication system. In today’s world of digitization, educational institutions will be able to set technological standards and be a cut above the rest. The need for innovation lies in this very fact and DgDiary satisfies this need in more ways than one!

User-friendly Interface

Simple, easy and attractive for everyone to use. It is as easy as sending a text message across. This ensures that everyone would like to use it on a daily basis.

Real-time Communication

Let’s just say it is Agile and Mobile! You will be able to access it anytime and anywhere. Notices can be sent instantly, in just one click.

Value for Money

An option that benefits one and all. An economic option by way of optimizing the costs involved in circular management. This would benefit everyone.

Did You Know?

Here is an interesting fact. We surveyed around 6115 parents regarding scholastic activities and the areas that had a scope for development in their child’s curriculum. The findings are very interesting and a worth a read too…


93% of the parents feel the need to stay connected with their child’s school. This helps them understand their child’s developments on a day to day basis.


89% of the parents search for schools that are technologically advanced, schools that are creative in all aspects.

Schools administrators, teachers and faculty whom we interacted with also had some facts to share with us –


Almost about 87% of the schools feel the need to adopt technology and innovate within their set of practices. This as they say would help them keep in touch with parents and encourage the participation of parents in their child’s activities.


90% of the teachers agree that simple and easy to use technology is much appreciated as it makes it easy for them to use or comprehend to.

Key Features

Some of our useful features that would delight parents and help them keep tab of everything that goes on at a school.


Digital bulletin board that allows unabridged notifications; anytime and anywhere.


The complete list of events and holidays so that parents can plan their vacations better.


Information on the competitions being held; inter-school and intra-school.


A scoop of all the clubs organized by the institution and their related information.


Digital portal to share the triumphs, endeavors, and snapshots of the Institution.


Direct conveyance of important circulars and documents to the parents.


Access to the child’s timetable at a touch.


A channel providing the parents access to important institution contacts.


Easy access to the children’s attendance records along with daily attendance notifications.

Marks Sheet

Performance tracking at your fingertips.


How do educational institutions benefit?

At DgDiary, institutions can find more ways than one to connect with a parent. Be it through our smart phone technologies or the SMS services. With DgDiary evolving each day alongside technology, rest assured that communication is made simple.

Why DgDiary?

Instant, Inexpensive and Interactive

Promptly notifies parents

Agile and mobile

Better organised

Simplicity at its best.

At your finger tips

Build your Brand! With us!

Go green and set the trend…

One stop for all information.

Clients Love Us!


Hablar Direct

Innovation in Education Technology

Hablar Direct is a fast paced technological firm that is driven by a motive to present the best in class solutions.


Hablar Direct envisions a clear communication stream that would bind institutions and parent communities. To enlighten and develop the education sector by equipping schools with advanced educational technologies.


The mission of Hablar Direct is to connect teachers and parents with a systematic, user friendly and detailed use of technology. With the help of technology, the company aims at developing and creating a hassle free mode of communication for parents of every class and background to connect with the institution and its teachers.

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